Simple Truth

by Carol Anne Alexander

About the Book

Format Dimensions Pages
Softcover 5.5x8.5 224

From the first page it is evident that this is a devotional with a difference. Fifty readable, pithy, and honest devotions draw from Carol's global experience and her textured life that speak forthrightly about challenging and difficult situations. Having lived on four continents, raised a family, helped lead organizations, and faced some very traumatic events, Carol has the credentials to address life issues with authenticity and raw honesty.

Carol's writing is colorful and descriptive and draws the reader into the story in an engaging way. Biblical reflections provide great insights to the scriptural narrative. Not only will this devotional book inform but it will inspire and it will confront the reader in order to make decisions that will enrich and transform their lives.

Deliberately written in a forthright way this book unapologetically calls its readers to courageous life choices through simple trust.

About the Author

Carol Alexander holds a PhD from the University of Bangor, Wales and is currently the Dean of the Graduate School at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School, Ellendale, North Dakota. Her previous book 'Wild Hope' is an inspiring memoir. She also co-authored the book 'A Certain Life' with her husband Paul. Born in South Africa, Carol has lived and served on four continents. Her global travels and wide experience is reflected in her insights and inspirational writing. She has been married to Paul for over four decades and they have two adult children and two grand children.

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